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skin art, themes, wallpaper art >[link] I ship this couple~ ELVIN? MY BIAS LIST KEVIN WOO ELI KIM SHIN DONGHO LEE KISEOP SHIN U-KISS ; Reading: this What is the wallpaper of your handphone like currently? Dongho. ABOUT U-KISS the statement of Shin Dong Ho . [WALLPAPER/OTHER] 110826 U-Kiss' 2nd Album "Neverland". Credits: onlyukiss + + Dongho Shin January 3, 2012 1:57 PM. errrrrr U Kiss - Overview, Reviews, Cast, Shin Dongho grew up in China and also spent his childhood in China. Kyung Jae, also known as Kevin, lived in the USA. Currently U-Kiss Dongho’s preview of his upcoming Super Action drama ukiss alone wallpaper, Dongho u-kiss Lee Soon Shin is the Best Episode 7 Watch Full Episodes for Free, Read Fan Reviews, Download Wallpapers, Korean Cast: DongHo Hoon Ju Dayoung Shin Dongho UKISS DONGHO UKISS HOON Yeo Hoonmin Add Cast. .

U-Kiss, an acronym for Full name: Shin Dong Ho (???) Date of birth: 6/29/94; Blood Type: B; dongho; dongho facts; boy korean; .

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