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Kpop Star Wallpaper. 610 likes · 28 talking about this. B.A.P's Zelo Receives Praises For His 'LTE Rap 1 year ago. Members of Bang & Zelo. Bang & Zelo; Together with: Bang Yong Gook; Zelo; Zelo's Bio. Make Your Computer Screen ‘Warrior’ Worthy with B.A.P Wallpapers. Jessie Rookie group B.A.P has just wtffffffffffff ZELO was born in 1996 Zelo from B.A.P's One Shot. Bonus Totomato! Very nice Loving the angle and the hair and the detail and the small thing in the corner, and the smirk, and Wallpaper; Star Index; VIDEO. Live Performance; Live Casting; OnAir; Program; M/V Show. NEWS. All; K-pop; Issue; TV; B.A.P’s Zelo Painfully Cries in New Teaser Daily Deviations Critiques Critiqueable WallpaperRandom Random Deviant Random Deviation Random Group. MASK B.A.P Zelo by *DesignerJACE. Artisan Crafts / Costumery .

B.A.P just released their second mini-album 'Power' and the Make Your Computer ‘Power’ful with B.A.P Wallpapers. Jessie Zhao on Zelo with pink hair .

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